Criteria how to choose an real estate office in Bucharest

The real estate market is in constant development, customers are becoming more demanding, and to hire a real estate agent within an estate agency Bucharest is good to make sure you made the right choice.

Did you know that only in Bucharest are more than 3,000 real estate agencies? The main problem lies not in their existence, but in the professionalism with which they treat their business.

In choosing an real estate estate agency in Bucharest you must analyze thta the real estate agency has experience in the market, and it will propose you a marketing plan to sell the property, including fees charged to you for brokering the sale, etc.

Here are some good criteria to keep in mind when choosing a real estate agency in Bucharest

1. Image
agentie-imobiliara-bucuresti-1Find out if the agency you want to choose in signing a contract with, has a presentation website and access it: in theory, the site should be well done, have a professional look, but also, to allow easy navigation. Also, the site should have a section presenting the team, but also a contact page that contain all corporate data. If you want to collaborate with this company and it cannot meet such a condition, then you should oriented choice of other real estate agencies in Bucharest.

The real estate agent who come in contact must be employed by a real estate company easily identified, to have a permanent office, an office equipped as a point of working with the public, secretariat, and a meeting room in which to particularly with customers able to discuss details related to payment, money, privacy.

2. Offer additional services: evaluation of the property, lending legal support
Usually, only few real estate agencies and agents working Bucharest evaluators, so you can consider the election of such agencies as the best.
It’s good when you initiate contact with an agent and ask it to a market analysis to find real value of your house, but the more you will know how much or how little you can climb or fall in price.

agentii-imobiliare-bucurestiA professional real estate agency in Bucharest should have a unique team of permanent support consists of specialists in all areas involve trading of real estate: legal support, support lending (if you want to achizitioneti a house with bank credit) , support for the promotion of your property and its to-market.

3. Experience
Secondly, the listing agent should have experience.
It is well to ask questions about past transactions and the area you are interested in what department is specialized in houses, land, apartments.
You can also ask him what prices were also sold for similar properties in the area. Depending on the answers you can figure out whether to sign a service contract or if you go to another real estate agency.
Real estate agencies in Bucharest, working in a professional manner, have specialized agents for each type of transaction and each market segment. It is good to find an agent specializes in your type of application. Undoubtedly, an agent with more customers and more sales in a certain area know right where to fit the demand, supply and price. Regarding the number of customers, it is ideal as an agent, no matter how good it is, not simultaneously handle more than 10-12 clients, to have time to investigate and resolve all applications optimally.

Feel free to find out more about real estate agency in Bucharest.

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